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At night, millions of people around the world lay down to sleep with clear, perfectly functional airways. until the body relaxes. Muscle tension drains away from the face, neck, and air passages. Jaws drop open. Tongues slide back. All of this ends with airways that collapse in on themselves.

Collapsing air passages are a result of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA.

When our airways are closed, the lungs and diaphragm can’t force enough air through them. We begin to suffer from oxygen deprivation, so our bodies do the only thing they can think of to fix the problem: they wake us up, very abruptly.

Almost immediately after waking, the tension returns to our airways. We are then able to take in a deep breath before falling right back to sleep. This can happen as many as a few hundred times a night. As often as not, we don’t even remember it.

Waking up that often, even for just a microsecond at a time, completely interrupts the body’s ability to complete a sleep cycle. No sleep cycles means poor rest. Poor rest means that those who suffer from sleep apnea frequently think they are getting plenty of rest and have no idea why they’re still utterly exhausted every day.

Being tired is only the first of many often-severe health ramifications of sleep apnea. It is important to get the right treatment for your particular case.

There are quite a few ways to deal with OSA. One of the most common and popular is the CPAP machine. Essentially this is a machine that actively pumps air through the passages, which keeps them properly open.

This isn’t the right course for everyone, however. Here at our practice, we provide CPAP alternatives in order to give you the sleep you deserve with a treatment that works best for you.

A sleep apnea appliance is one of the easiest ways to deal with apnea, and it works very well in almost all but the most severe cases. This device is very much like a sports mouthguard. Its purpose is to keep the jaw properly aligned, which in turn keeps the airways from getting pinched closed.

But why choose an Oral appliance ?

Highly Transportable.
Electricity Free.
Easy to Maintain.
Custom-designed for you.


You deserve proper sleep and good health. If you suffer from sleep apnea, the right solution for you might be just a call away.

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