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One of the most common cosmetic dental goals our patients have is to develop a brighter smile. Some foods and drinks, as well as other factors, can cause stains to develop on the outer layers of teeth, leading to a smile in need of whitening. Niguel Family Dentistry provides teeth whitening treatments in Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo, and the surrounding communities.

In-Office Treatment

When you visit our practice to brighten your smile, your first option is whether you want to have your teeth whitening treatment provided in the office or at home. If you have your treatment performed at our practice, Dr. Mahran will be able to conduct the procedure at the end of your appointment. In-office whitening treatments take one hour and leave you with an immediately brighter smile.

There are some distinct advantages to having in-office whitening treatment at our Laguna Niguel dental practice. The smile is immediately brighter than it was before, so the treatment can be used right before important events. In addition, the degree to which the smile was brightened is typically a higher shade than what self-application can produce. A dental professional like Dr. Mahran is able to carefully apply the whitening gel and monitor its effectiveness, leading to more efficient results.

Take-Home Treatment

Alternatively, you can self-administer your whitening treatment at home. Dr. Mahran will take impressions of your smile to create custom-fit trays. These trays are paired with either Zoom! or Opalescence whitening gels and sent home with you for daily application. You then simply put the gel in the tray and wear the tray for a short period of time each day as part of your standard routine.

At-home whitening treatments provide their own distinct benefits. For example, your whitening care is provided at your convenience because this treatment style is designed to fit into your daily schedule. Additionally, the improved shade of whiteness your teeth experience tends to last longer. Because the whitening gel is routinely reapplied over the course of weeks rather than a dental appointment, the whiter smile is maintained for longer than that provided through in-office treatment.

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Niguel Family Dentistry offers teeth whitening near Laguna Niguel. Anyone from one of the surrounding communities is welcome to come to our practice for their cosmetic dental needs, as well as more general care. For more information about the dental services we provide, call our practice and schedule your next appointment today!

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